Welcome To Hawkers Singapore.

A concept put together by close friends over dinner, Hawkers Singapore is about bringing to you quality hawker fare put together through our love of this traditional dining form.

While caterers bring to you commercially prepared dishes, these are not the labour of experienced specialist hawkers who are masters in their own right, painstakingly perfecting their single dish wonders daily.
As diners, quality of hawker dishes served always rank high when we get together for a good makan session. Shouldn’t this be your top consideration as well? This belief has led to the creation of Hawkers.com.sg, a matcher of fine hawker fare with the concept of buffet style catering for home parties and corporate events.

Our Partners

Yam Mee teochew fishball mee/laksa/curry chicken mee 炎成潮洲鱼圓面面/叻沙/咖喱鸡面

Sun Kee Drinks 山記飲品

J Grill n Pasta